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Re: [opensuse] kde4 policykit: authentication required
16.06.2018 07:48, Andrei Borzenkov пишет:
15.06.2018 21:50, Istvan Gabor пишет:

This occurs in openSUSE 13.1 with KDE4 Platform Version 4.11.5.
I have a disk partition in the fstab file like this:

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-......-part8 /mnt/partition8          ext3      
noauto,users         1 2

According to this normal users should be able to mount the partition.
It works if I mount the partition in konsole by "mount  /mnt/partition8".

If I try to mount the partition in krusader file manager by right
I get a window with an error message:

"Authentication is required to mount ............ (/dev/sda8)
An application is attempting to perform an action that requires privileges.
Authentication is required to perform this action.
Password for root:    "

In dolphin there is no option to mount the partiton.

It seems KDE4 or krusader ignores what is set in fstab and requires root
Why is this and how to fix?

Try adding x-udisks-auth option to fstab. It may work, although I am not
sure when exactly it was introduced. I verified that it allows command
line mount as user (udisksctl mount) in Leap 15.0; I have XFCE here and
do not see option to mount filesystem in filemanager.

Sometimes XFCE file manager displays this "volume" and it actually
mounts it without authentication dialogue.

I know openSUSE 13.1 is old and but it still should work.



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