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Re: [opensuse] zypper/yast vs. other package managers (was: Philosophical question?)
On Saturday, 16 June 2018 11:27:38 ACST John Andersen wrote:

AND YES, I use YAST where I can see exactly what is going to be done,
without dry runs, and wading through a man page 4 reams long.

YaST is great, but on tumbleweed I prefer the "zypper dup --download-only --
auto-agree-with-licenses" incantation first, before finally running "zypper

Things like Zypper with 4000 options, some totally surprising and
UN-intuitive, really aren't easy for anything except repetitive by-rote
tasks. I avoid it where ever possible.

I really suck at typing in long strings of fuzzy numbers and letters to
specify a package.

For finding and installing individual packages, I agree - on openSuSE, YaST is
king. And, yes, for that, it is much easier than apt (or even aptittude). Mind
you, the structure of the openSuSE repo's is much easier and more intuitive
(in my mind, anyway) than the way the debian (and other debian-based distros)
repos are structured.

All of this reminds me of the ages-old SysV Init vs BSD Init debates - again,
a log of it boils down to personal preference, workflows and what one is used

Oh, yes - from a packaging point of view, I find creating deb packages *much*
easiser and more intuitive than trying to do the same for rpm packages. To me,
RPM is obtuse and thoroughly confusing, while deb seems very logical and easy.
I'm sure there are others that disagree. :)

Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
CCNA #CSCO12880208

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