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Re: [opensuse] zypper/yast vs. other package managers (was: Philosophical question?)
On 2018-06-15 18:55, Liam Proven wrote:
On 15/06/18 18:44, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2018-06-15 17:09, Liam Proven wrote:

But all my supplementary repos are set at priority 99. There's no real
logical priority between them; apparently that is a user issue. I.e., do
it yourself. IMHO that's bad.

Just choose the priority...

I look up the recommended solution and I do what it says there. I don't
know what priorities to choose or what's important; every guide, and
every one-click install, seems to set them all at the minimum one.

This may be a valuable field for a skilled sysadmin, but I am not a
skilled openSUSE sysadmin. As such, I expect the OS to make such
decisions for me, or to make it easier.

But you see, the default and the recommendation is "don't add more
repos". Problem solved.

Once you (we) add more repos, you (we) have to learn things.

And the thing is, there is no official guide for setting priorities that
I know of. The default setting (99) mostly works. It is people that have
many repos that offer the same packages who have to decide.

For instance, I set Packman to have a lower priority number, which can
be anything, for example, 98.

Basically it means: if there is a package that is both offered in
default OSS repo and packman, choose the packman one.

If I add a second multimedia repository, then I have to decide if to put
it above, below, or at the same prio than the existing ones. And no, I
don't have a clear mind, but I guess it should be 98 and Packman 97.

I guess most people don't choose.

Then enable vendor change. The default is "no", and for good reasons. I
want "no". Yes, there is a command line option to enable it.

So if everyone says don't do it, why should I do it? I follow the advice
I find online, and in response, the packaging tool nags at me.

Don't allow vendor change unless you know why.

I think that is suboptimal. Is that wrong of me?

I do not like it that the packaging tool says "there are 42 other
updates available that I won't install". That worries me.

It should not. Just ignore the message.

The updater is simply giving you some information, and the correct thing
is just accept it. You do not need those updates. It simply tells you
that with another configuration there are other update possibilities,
other choices.

However, my choices are to either do them individually -- bad -- or to
change a config file and make a permanent change or remember to revert
it manually -- also bad.

Your choice is "do nothing".

I think a simpler option would be:

[1] Have an interactive option to do those updates too.
[2] Have a secondary option to remember the choice.

For comparison look at the difference between "recommends" and
"suggests" in Apt.

Ubuntu defaults to ``--install-recommends'' and has for years. But you
can also add ``--install-suggests'' too -- but it can add a large number
of additional packages.

If I tell my OS to update itself, I expect it to install all available
updates. I am not happy when it says there are more but it won't do them.

Be happy that it doesn't do updates that might be wrong for your

It is installing all the available and correct updates.

Remove the kernel. Just do it.
Borked system.

Sure, I've done that before. :-)

It's the Unix way. It does what you tell it to do.

I expect this of all Linuxes, TBH.

Well, openSUSE tries to make it difficult for you to shoot your own
foot. It is a feature :-)

But on Ubuntu it was easy to fix. I booted from a CD with root=/dev/sda5
or whatever, and then once it booted, I did ``apt install
linux-kernel-generic" or whatever it's called. Job done. It ran
``update-grub'' for me and everything.

This stuff is still rather more work on openSUSE, which is why I'd
probably primarily recommend openSUSE as a _server_ distro.

Once upon a time, there was a (open?)SUSE app that would automatically
repair the system from the DVD. But it had problems and disappeared.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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