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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE on 2 in 1 device
Den 2018-06-14 kl. 18:37, skrev Vojtěch Zeisek:
Dne čtvrtek 14. června 2018 5:01:58 CEST, Anton Aylward napsal(a):
On 13/06/18 07:23 PM, John Andersen wrote:
The other machine you might look at, especially on the used market is
any of the Microsoft Surface Pro machines. They really are good hardware,
even if over priced.
I keep looking at them when I see 2nd hand at discount.
Running them as a netbook rather than as a Windows machine makes them
attractive. But a real Chromebook might be better
unless you want the excitement of converting Microsoft to something
I'd indeed prefer something more "useful", able to work as tablet as well as

I own a Lenovo Yoga X1. It doubles as laptop and a tablet. It's crazy
expensive compared to buying separate tablet and notebook/laptop.

I actually started out writing an answer to your first mail but it came
out as a rant so I decided it was just wining and a scratched it.

Here is a somewhat more objective one. I tried to use it (two years ago)
as a tablet for some month. It had it's shortcomings. It might be my
inability to configure it. I spent some weeks figuring out how to rotate
(had to wait for the right kernel to come along), use the active pen,
scroll with double fingers etc. With my own rotate implementation I can
get it to rotate automatically with the acceleration sensor. The active
pen is usable sometimes. Two fingers scroll i didn't get to work. I have
a handwriting program called Cellwriter installed. It's a bit cumbersome
to train and use. But it works.

As I said I do have my own implementation of some things. Mostly scripts
but also a small daemon coded in C for the automatic rotation.

I love to hear if someone has a one-stop-shop for tablet mode working on TW.


I tried to work with Chromebook and I strongly disliked the system.
Total crap.

As for Linux ...
I don't see a version of OpenSUSE on it.
Release notes on recent kernels speak about better support of Atom CPUs, so I
suppose the installation is easier and easier...


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