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Re: [opensuse] Leap 15 and rhythmbox
Carlos E. R. composed on 2018-06-15 10:03 (UTC+0200):

don fisher wrote:

In my functioning 42.3 system, the window manger is
$WINDOW_MANAGER=/usr/bin/startkde, and the x window manger is
$XWINDOWMANAGER=fvwm2. How do I see what is running at runlevel 5?

On my Leap 15 system, logging in as $WINDOW_MANAGER=/usr/bin/startkde
with x window manger still listed as $XWINDOWMANAGER=fvwm2.

We told you and it (a) is on the release notes:

a) Use update-alternatives. The variable is ignored.

b) fvwm2 does not support update-alternatives.

I suppose there is a bugzilla on 'b', so you will have to stay on 42.3
or not use fvwm2 on 15.0 as display manager.

Are you running Leap 15. Could you try to run fvwm, and in one of its
windows spawn Rhythmbox and see what you get?

No, I only have a small 15.0 test system, the workhorse is on 42.3

Actually there was a bug about this for Tumbleweed:

I will submit the same changes to Leap 15.0. Thanks for the reminder
and sorry for the inconvinience.

Submitted, accepted, and update provided a week ago.

So, quick answer: no, you can not use it as display manager now in 15.0.
Use lightdm instead.


zypper in rhythmbox wants to install 46 new packages, so I'm not doing that, but

$ WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/bin/fvwm2 startx

WFM in 15.0. In /etc/alternatives:

default-displaymanager -> /usr/lib/X11/displaymanagers/tdm
default-xsession.desktop -> /usr/share/xsessions/tde.desktop
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