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[opensuse] Re: Mailinglist changes going forward
David C. Rankin wrote:
On 06/11/2018 02:53 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
With the exception of Per and Carlos, I can't easily name any of the
regular participants of this list as active contributors to the

Why do you continue to alienate people,
Somehow this list has, for nearly two decades, done remarkably well without
the "nannyism", fragmentation or petty bannings of the past year or so.
Many of these loyal contributors have been here since we were shuffling 1.44MB floppies into our drives to install from boxed sets on
386's or 486's.

I don't understand what problem this entire exercise is aimed at solving.
It's' quite bewildering. "officialness" just adds to the confusion.

Just my 2 cents, but I get the feeling Richard has gotten feedback
from some younger set that doesn't like the bickering that they see going
on on the mail lists -- they see posting here as too much of a hassle
to break through the noise (though in fairness, they are going to have
problems exploring technical solutions in a 140-character limit).
Maybe that's why some of the announcements were in venues like facebook & twitter -- to attract a different generation that has never seen a a floppy and only heard of 386's like some here might
feel about the model-T (car).

Maybe he's trying to be more inviting for a younger generation --
something that many greybeards are downright insensitive about,
if not hostile. I see more than one old project that is only
being open and run by 'grey-beards', who are happy to run the
project into the dust rather than accept anything remotely like
change. I'm just guessing on all this, but I do see it as a problem --
and not just for opensuse, as newer generations are steered by
corporate interests *away* from a personal computer and are replacing
them by 'consumer-only' devices from walled gardens.
Some of my concerns have been about seeing opensuse turning toward
the infrastructure for a similar business model -- eventually
offering a suse-app store, for locked-down open-suse machines that
are looked at as appliances by their users.

Just like few people tinker under the hood of their car anymore since
most of its operations have been sealed off from public casual inspection
and modification, so seems to be going the personal/desktop computer.

The move to the cloud is a way to capture the "top end" of the need
for an inhouse computing department, while smart phones and devices are
aimed at capturing the lower end (the middle has mostly disappeared).

I'm not sure, Richard, even if all the lists were to change to your
heart's desire, how much difference it would make in the long run...
It's possible it would slow the shrinking audience, but I'm not sure
it would stop it.

Anyway, this is just a WAG on my part and I could be entirely off-base.
So take it with a few grains of salt, but thought I'd throw it out..


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