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Re: [opensuse] Mailinglist changes going forward

On 13/06/18 22:44, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 12/06/18 04:10 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
Chaos is not following.

The implications of what you are saying is that we should be statistically
normal, that we should not be, should not pay attention to, the 'fringe' cases
that 'test' the non-normative conditions.

Normative debates, as opposed to Empirical debates, are debates that require
action on a specific topic and a model to implement the idea put forward in
topic, and, predominately, can be signified by the use of the word 'should' in
the topic.

Eventually, Richard, when all the argumentation is done, you are saying the
'Empiricists' have no value. That too is why openSuse is 'depreciating'
like ReiserFS, which has proven EXTREMELY reliable and demonstrates the
of good design than the 'cut it an see' iterations that depend on bugzilla
reports and fixes that are needed to make progress.

Ok i'll bite, openSUSE as a project did not deprecate ReiserFS, openSUSE
as a project does not deprecate any software. The openSUSE maintainer of
ReiserFS decided to deprecate ReiserFS as they did not want to maintain
it in openSUSE anymore. Should another qualified maintainer come along
and decide to step up and maintain ReiserFS it will no longer be
deprecated but unless someone does the work it won't exist. This is the
same for every piece of software in openSUSE.

Comments like yours are just another example of what Richard is talking
about in that many regular contributors to this list just simply do not
know or understand the basics of how the project works.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
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