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Re: [opensuse] What Does "Active Contributor" Mean? (was: Mailinglist changes going forward)

Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018, 05:10:52 CEST schrieb Felix Miata:
Richard Brown composed on 2018-06-11 09:53 (UTC+0200):

With the exception of Per and Carlos, I can't easily name any of the
regular participants of this list as active contributors to the

Selective recall perhaps? openSUSE mailing lists aren't the only
evidence of project contribution:

Reported bugs by, total:
Christian Boltz: 1145

Correct [1]

Reported bugs by, which are in state RESOLVED FIXED:
Christian Boltz: 359

I'm afraid your statistics is wrong - bugzilla tells me that 749 of my
bugs are FIXED (see [2]). This also means the
percentage is completely wrong:

Reported bugs filed by, RESOLVED FIXED percentage:
Christian Boltz: 31.4%

With the correct number of bugs (749 out of 1145), it's 65.4% :-)

I have no idea why you only found 359 (especially because the total
number of 1145 is correct) - maybe you did not include VERIFIED FIXED
and CLOSED FIXED in your search?

Whatever happened, please re-do your statistics for everybody with the
correct search settings.

BTW1: For comparison: if you do bugzilla statistics for *all*
bugreporters, then you'll see that 51322 out of 106267 bugs (48,3%) are
marked as FIXED.

BTW2: In case you wonder why I reported less bugs in the last ~2 years:
OBS is totally ruining my bugzilla statistics - for simple bugs I often
send a SR instead of writing a bugreport ;-)

Apparently I allocate more of my time trying to prevent the waste of
developer and QA time than do some other active bug reporters. In
fact, some of the time I spend _is_ on BZ QA itself, what I can, not
being a programmer, and not able to decipher crash logs. When I find
what I think is could be an upstream bug, I take the time to try to
reproduce in at least one other distro, and report upstream instead
or in addition.


(Reminds me to my zoo of > 20 bugtracker accounts for various
upstream projects...)

What each participant does isn't equally visible.

I couldn't agree more on this - we have enough places to "hide"
contributions ;-)


Christian Boltz

PS: since you mentioned (in another mail) that you subscribed to this
mailinglist in 2003 - I can beat this by two years ;-) The list
archive says I joined the german mailinglist in 2001:

[1] I also reported about 150 bugs that are non-public, most of them
for SUSE Linux 9.x (back then, it was a closed beta) and bugzilla
itsself - but let's ignore these bugs for now and stay with the
publicly visible bugs. (Of course, the number of FIXED bugs I
mention in the next paragraph is about public bugs.)

[2] original link:

Wozu überhaupt ein Script? Das kann man auch direkt aufrufen.
Immer dieser Rationalisierungswahn. Demnächst verlangen einige
Gurus noch, dass direkt in Binärcode geschrieben wird...
[Sandy Drobic in suse-linux]

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