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Re: [opensuse] Mailinglist changes going forward
On 06/11/2018 02:53 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
With the exception of Per and Carlos, I can't easily name any of the
regular participants of this list as active contributors to the
project. And that is too small a starting point to realistically
bridge the gap.

Why do you continue to alienate people, diminish the contributions of others
and work to divide the community instead of support it? What of Felix, James,
Patrick, Anton, Linda, Dave, John, Lew, Basil, Wolfgang, David, Henne, Andrei
and many many more that have tirelessly contributed, filed bugs, proposed
changes, and offered help. A quick check of bugzilla shows thousands of bugs
filed, 167 of which are mine alone. They all came through this list, whether
asking for confirmation of the behavior or from those who add behavior and
comments to help get them solved.

Somehow this list has, for nearly two decades, done remarkably well without
the "nannyism", fragmentation or petty bannings of the past year or so. The
continued badgering of the people that have given, and continue to give, their
own free time to make opensuse what it is today, frankly doesn't make a whole
lot of sense. Many of these loyal contributors have given of their time and
been here since we were shuffling 1.44MB floppies into our drives to install
from boxed sets on 386's or 486's.

I don't understand what problem this entire exercise is aimed at solving.
It's' quite bewildering. "officialness" just adds to the confusion.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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