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Re: [opensuse] firewealld and nfs ?
Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018, 19:20:00 CEST schrieb Per Jessen:
Hi simon,

thanks for the detailed explanation.
it makes it more clear for me.
so i decided today to asked a question about how
to configure firewalld to work korrect with nfs.
unfortunately i have not receifed any anwer up to

firewalld is brand new to openSUSE, not many people will have any
experiences to share. In addition, running nfs over a firewall is a
bit unusual, I would say.

I've been using firewalld for several years on openSUSE now, so not that new
(to me).

Also, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a firewall on the internal
interface, 99% of all attacks hit from internal...

Anyway, nfs and firewall is perfectly simple as soon as you configure nfs to
ONLY on 2049/TCP instead of the old portmapper mess, and then you just do
"firewall-cmd --add-service=nfs --zone=(whatever your interface is in) --
permanent" and you're set.


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