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Re: [opensuse] Mailinglist changes going forward
On 12 June 2018 at 08:40, jdd@xxxxxxxxx <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

opensuse@ list is good to have an idea how the distro works, for example I
only made some test Leap 15 installs and, reading this very list, have some
ideas of problems I may have when dealing with main install.

Yes but that is also part of the problem. The nature and personal
configurations of some of the most vocal people on this list are not
representative of the openSUSE Project as a whole.

Case in point - reading this list would provide many users the
perception that btrfs is an unreliable piece of shit that eats all of
your disk space, doesn't have repair tools, uses experimental
features, and installs btrfsprogs unnecessarily with gparted.

And yet it has been the default in all openSUSE and SLE distributions
for years now.
Chaos is not following.
Hundreds of thousands if not millions of systems are now using it.
Improvements have been made to snappers use of disk space.
It has extensive repair tools and well documented processes on how to
use them [1]
We use no experimental or unstable features [2]
and btrfsprogs is no different from xfsprogs, e2fsprogs and every
other filesystem tool that is required by gparted

But despite all of those being undebatable facts, uninformed opposing
views are spouted with such frequency on this list I feel this list is
next to useless for advice on the topic of btrfs, and that is just one
simple example where the community on this list is divergent with
reality and/or the general direction of the wider openSUSE Project.


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