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[opensuse] Why tumbleweed not faster (or fastest?)

Phoronix did benchmarks w/windows10 macOS 10.13.4, Ubuntu, Win10 WSL Ubuntu18.04
Fedora WS 28, & Clear Linux 22780.

Clear linux was leader almost 60% of the time followed by a 21% showing for
MacOS and Fedora 10%... Win10 was in last place 38% of the time, followed
by Ubuntu @ 30% of the time in last place...

They don't rank the other OS's in the synopsis, but the best
Tumbleweed did was middle of the pack on many tests, one it got 2nd
place, while several it was dead last almost 6x slower on some
tests against Clear linux.

How's that possible? I would have thought the linux OS's would have
been grouped closer together, but apparently not.
Tumbleweed didn't show in any of the graphicsMagick packages.
Article didn't say why.

Anyway not often I see tumbleweed mentioned, so ... at least that was a postive.

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