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Re: [opensuse] Can't get VNC working on OpenSuse Leap 15 Gnome or KDE plasma
Am 07.06.2018 um 21:37 schrieb Bob Perez:
To Suse list users,

Does anyone have VNC working with Open SUSE Leap 15? No matter how I
configure things I get the black screen. Port 5801 and 5901 are in a listen
mode. The web browser does the same thing, black screen after successful

I have VNC working just fine on Leap 42.3

Thank You,
Bob Perez

Bob Perez
Messaging Escalation, GroupWise Customer Support
Micro Focus
1800 S Novell Place
Provo, Utah 84606
(Phone)+1 801.861.8107
(Fax)+1 801.861.5255

I'm using x11vnc through a ssh tunnel.
The standard syntax, I used for years, did not work with Leap 15,
because the file .Xauthority is no longer in the home directory, but in:


(I'm using sddm as the display manger).

I need to specify the path explicitly for x11vnc, to get it working.

Maybe other solutions suffer from the same problem?


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