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Re: [opensuse] Leap 15.0 woes -- fresh install
ISP mail servers were down for awhile today, and I did (despite what
they promised) lose a few emails here, including the most recent one on
this thread, and Carlos's and jdd's replies to that. So (thank <insert
deity name here> for the list archives)...

for Carlos: su won't work if you're trying to use the web interface..
logging in as root in a separate X session is out for
philosophical/political reasons ;)

for jdd: that did it, thanks.. and it's "root", not the user. You get
one crack at it, and that is all -- I think that may be per session, but
not really too sure.

I booted up in the old OS installation to check the printer there, to be
sure it's not a hardware error.. printer works. I'm in the process of
comparing all the old vs. new config files to see what, if any, changes
I might have had to make in 42.x to get this thing working. Nothing so
far. I'll get back to this later, for now I have other things to deal with.

Just as an aside (this was one of those "other things").. I used to have
a APC UPS for my system, and was using the apcupsd package. Now I have a
CyberPower unit, so I wanted to switch to NUT... what a nightmare trying
to configure that so I could get any info out of it. On that reboot into
42.1 (yes, I was still running that old thing), I discovered quite by
accident that apcupsd is quite happy talking to the CyberPower UPS,
though the power usage seems to have gone up quite a bit. No idea why
that is, but at least I have a working UPS monitor again.

So it would seem that apcupsd is a viable solution for quite a few
UPSes, even if APC didn't build them. Just a FWIW for anyone else who's
a bit intimidated by NUT.

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