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Re: [opensuse] Documentation on using an alternate display manager like xdm or fvwm

On 05/06/18 13:03, don fisher wrote:
The released notes says the setting up the use of an alternate display
manager has mover from /etc/sysconfig to the alternatives system. I
can't locate documentation on that.

The release notes says to use update-alternatives to Set Login Manager
and Desktop Session. That is only thing I see in the release notes. I do
not know what "To enable graphical management of alternatives, use the
YaST module Alternatives" is going to do, and to what files. There is an
example there used to switch the default-displaymanager to xdm:

sudo update-alternatives --set default-displaymanager \

Login manager: default-displaymanager

I have used fvwm2 in the past and would like to use it again. I tried to
enable fvwm in the startup window present after booting, before logging
on, but nothing worked. I am just looking for documentation now. My
current Leap 15 system is pretty lame, so the docs may be in /usr/share,
which I am currently not able to confirm.


fvwm2 has not been patched to use the new update alternatives to set the
default window manager which was mostly targeting desktops that you can
install from the openSUSE installer, if you have lightdm set as the
default then you should be able to select it on login.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
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