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Re: [opensuse] Leap 15.0 woes -- fresh install
  • From: "Knurpht @ openSUSE" <knurpht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2018 20:27:19 +0200
  • Message-id: <3345464.GBKYaOt4Vh@knurpht-hp>
Op maandag 4 juni 2018 19:02:39 CEST schreef Darryl Gregorash:
On 2018-06-04 10:29 AM, Knurpht @ openSUSE wrote:
Op maandag 4 juni 2018 18:27:34 CEST schreef Knurpht @ openSUSE:
Op maandag 4 juni 2018 18:07:09 CEST schreef Darryl Gregorash:
On 2018-06-03 11:32 PM, Per Jessen wrote:
Darryl Gregorash wrote:
I'll try to be polite for this ;)

why do I have to run chrony? why can I not use a decent NTP client,
and be able to configure it in Yast?

You don't have to, just deselect chrony and select ntp, but you'll have
to configure your ntp manually. I don't know the reasoning for the
switch to Chrony. I'm also sticking to ntp.

Chrony is quick and dirty, emphasis on the dirty. We should at least
have the option of selecting NTP, and being able to configure it in
Yast. I don't mind chrony being the default, though -- that is fine for
most users, I imagine, especially those who aren't experienced and might
not be able to configure/use NTP to its maximum benefit. For example,
can chrony connect to a local clock, eg. GPS? I don't recall that it

why am I denied permission to run a shell script **even as the admin

You'll have to provide some more information. Where and how? Fyi, I
have no such problem.

See Jeffrey Taylor's reply, and my reply to that <mega-blush>

what is ruby doing that is so important that it blocks me from
installing a rpm that I have downloaded (drivers for my printer)?
(popup appears yammering something about "system management")

YaST was rewritten in ruby, maybe that is what you're seeing.

Yes, that was it. I must have had Yast minimized on the first try -- is
there any way to locate a .rpm file on disk directly from within Yast?
If so, I've never found out how to do so.
Now my printer/scanner drivers are installed successfully, and after a
bit of hassle, the scanner function is working OK
(requiredunplugging/replugging the USB cable), but the printer is still
notworking. The log files show that print jobs are being
sent"successfully", but they never seem to reach the printer.
I've had this same issue in the past with various installs of opensuse
(way back to 9.x, IIRC), and always managed to resolve them -- but I
cannot recall just what I did to fix it.

Show us the output of
lpstat -t

Also, what downloaded driver rpm is installed ?

Driver is from Brother, latest for DCP-7040

Installation also requires this rpm: cupswrapperDCP7040-2.0.2-1.i386

Output of lpstat:
~ # lpstat


scheduler is

system default destination:

device for DCP7040:

DCP7040 accepting requests since Mon Jun 4 09:11:56

printer DCP7040 is idle. enabled since Mon Jun 4 09:11:56 2018
Apart from the driver package and the cupswrapper package being 32bit, the
output looks normal.
What does
lpstat -W all

Anything in the dmesg output ?

Gertjan Lettink a.k.a. Knurpht
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE Forums Team

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