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Re: [opensuse] Idiot Question about Btrfs
  • From: "Knurpht @ openSUSE" <knurpht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2018 00:18:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <4848061.6vfnChcHS4@knurpht-hp>
Op zaterdag 26 mei 2018 08:27:20 CEST schreef jdd@xxxxxxxxx:
Le 26/05/2018 à 07:38, Robin Klitscher a écrit :
For historical reasons my longstanding practice has been to keep two,
sometimes three


I use a similar system

So, what are the implications, if any, of installing Leap 15 using its
default Btrfs

the main problem in this situation with BTRFS is that it have to get at
least x3 or x4 times the ext4 one, simply because some updates are very
different from the original system and snapshots uses much room. This
may need as much as 100Gb for /. I presently have only 30Gb and was
recently hit by the "no more room" error - though t's not the first time
and now I can fix it.

this is not a problem per se when 2Tb disks are easy to find, but in our
organization, it's not always easy to enlarge the previous ext4 partition

and xfs filesystems

I think the difference is mostly the inode number problem of ext4, but
never had to suffer of this one myself

in place of the existing Leap 42.2

installation but leaving the three additional data partitions (and the
other installations) formatted in ext4?

no problem there all file systems lives together

Alternatively, should I also convert the three shared data partitions
now in ext4 to Btrfs? If so, does that mean that the root filesystem
for each of the other installations should also be converted to Btrfs?

better not, just in case BTRFS could show an unexpected problem

just know that some distros do not like BTRFS in openSUSE way so,
default ubuntu or debian install may not read or fix BTRFS.

100 GB is overkill. 50 GB is enough, IME.

Gertjan Lettink a.k.a. Knurpht
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE Forums Team

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