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Re: [opensuse] please use the new opensuse-support list ??
On 05/31/2018 10:43 PM, jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

the -support makes it clear what it's for, for newcomers that do not know opensuse history

that it will fix the problems is an other thing



The only issue I see here is one regarding fragmentation. If users new to openSUSE subscribe to opensuse-support@o.o looking for support when the majority of users subscribed for support purposes are on opensuse@o.o, it creates such a situation where the support for new users can potentially turn out to be of a lesser value and they may not get their questions answered which at the end of the day doesn't help the distribution.

So either I would suggest this list gets repurposed for something else, in time, and we all subscribe to opensuse-support@xxxxxxx, or opensuse-support@o.o gets shut down. My opinion is an email address with specificity isn't a bad thing. The "support" in "opensuse-support@o.o" is specific in terms of what it's to be used for without a new user even needing to read the description. opensuse@o.o sounds very general and vague. If somebody new to the disro weren't to read the description for what the intended purpose of the list is for, for all they know, emails may be going to the board itself. For instance, on Debian, their user support address is: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. For Fedora, users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Ubuntu, ubuntu-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ubuntu-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

I see no issue subscribing to the new list, besides the current lack of subscribers which can quickly change with more community dialogue.

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