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Re: [opensuse] Re: swapping vs paging
On 30/11/17 05:07 PM, David T-G wrote:
James --

...and then James Knott said...
% On 30/11/17 07:30 AM, jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
% >
% > I used to use "paging" for ram
% Anyone here remember overlays? Many years ago, I used to work on Data
% General Nova computers. They had 8 or 16 KB of memory and head per

Yes, although I was never smart enough to be able to actually play with
the code. It was just this magic thing the software did to allow one to
access "large" amounts of memory with those tiny 8-bit chips :-)

The Nova was 16 bit, so 8 KB was 4 K words.

IIRC, the disks were 128, 256 or 512K, depending on the model.

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