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Re: [opensuse] Get an SSD just for swap?
Wol & Carlos, et al --

...and then Wol's lists said...
% On 29/11/17 14:12, Carlos E. R. wrote:
% >The rule of "twice the ram" was a Windows 3 rule. And it was a
% >There is no such rule in Linux; simply use as much as you need.
% And this "twice ram" predates Windows, let alone Windows 3.

And Linux, too.

% Try running a *vanilla* early 2.4 series kernel with swap == ram. As
% soon as the system even *touches* swap IT WILL CRASH.

In fact, try running a nice old SunOS 4.0 UNIX or, I think (but am not
sure) even classic ATT v7. The 2x rule is *very* old.

It was explained to me as the system first loading into memory a copy
of the executable and then running it from there, ostensibly to avoid
corrupting the copy on disk but perhaps also for speed reasons (although
swap was just as slow, so I never bought into that), which means both
the static and running copies == 2x the usage. In any case, nobody ever
had enough disk to spare to go more than 2x, and the OS didn't like it
at less than 2x, so 2x it always was :-)

Happy Holidays

David T-G

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