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Re: [opensuse] Installing IME firmware updates in openSuSE

On Nov 28, 2017, at 15:27:08, Peter Suetterlin <P.Suetterlin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Christopher Myers wrote:
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I ran Intel's IME firmware bug detection tool on my Lenovo T570 today,
and it said that my laptop is vulnerable and to contact my vendor.

yes, same issue on my T460p :(

So I went to Lenovo's website and found patches...for Windows only. I'm
going to bet that Lenovo won't release Linux patches, or bootable CDs with
firmware patches, etc.

I'm not sure how/if the IME is 'part of the BIOS'. One possible thing would
be that the current IME fix is really a hotfix, and that a more general BIOS
update (that also brings this IME update) will show up at a later point.
BIOS updates do work as they supply CD images that you can use to create a USB
boot stick (done that twice so far in 15 months).

Out of curiosity, how are others addressing things like this? Do I
really have to swap out my hard drive with a Windows version to install
the patch, and then revert back to my nice safe Linux home afterwards?

Well, I don't even have any windows around that I could use. For now I'll
wait for the next BIOS update and see what happens then...

Try this download page:

There there is a bootable CD image which you should be able to convert to
a bootable USB stick. The mechanics of getting a bootable CD ISO on to a
bootable USB stick I would need to research. I'm sure someone here would
know the answer to the latter issue,

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