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Re: [opensuse] Get an SSD just for swap?

On 27/11/2017 00:18, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

I have a 8Gb Pengium G2120 system with a normal WD Red 3 TB hard
drive. Most of the time it actually does what I want just fine.

Unfortunately, sometimes it starts to swap and then becomes very slow
immediately. I tried reducing swappiness to 10, now it starts to swap
in less cases - but when it does it basically hangs for a few minutes.

I can't afford a full upgrade (CPU. Mobo, RAM), especially with
current RAM prices. And I am not sure I should spend money on more
DDR3 RAM now, especially since I am not exactly sure if what I have is
DDR3 or DDR3L and how new additional RAM will affect the system.

So I wonder - would it help to get a small (16-32G) SATA SSD and use
it just for swapping?

As this is for swap only, I can get a cheap SSD (if it breaks I just
lose one session). I can get a 32Gb SSD for about 25 Euro, while an
extra 8GB of RAM would apparently set me back more like 50 Euro. But
will this work?

Here's another possibility, I also have a system slowdown with swap, my single sata drive is quite slow due to the mb only having sata 2. I bought a 1T usb drive with usb 3 capabilities and then added a usb 3 adapter card. This gives me a much better transfer rate than sata 2 and just using a swapfile instead of my swap partition fixes the slowdowns. I would use it as for permanent swap partition except I left the microsoft partition and it now has to much important data to risk any repatrtitioning.

Dave P

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