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Re: [opensuse] Reinstating Linda. Was: Dear Chairman Brown ~
On 18/11/17 06:40, Christopher Myers wrote:

On Fri, 2017-11-17 at 13:30 -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Harrie Baken <hb-lijsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [11-17-17 12:33]:
Hallo Per Jessen, op 17-11-17 om 17:48 schreef je:
Knurpht - Gertjan Lettink wrote:

Hi all,

FYI: On behalf of the board I sent an email to Linda last
to settle things and have her ban lifted. Awaiting her reply.

Any comments, discussion off-list please. The opensuse@opensuse
ML is meant for support, the correct place to let your opinions
known to the openSUSE board is by emailing board@xxxxxxxxxxxx.

I actually like to see people's opinion expressed here too,
especially on such matters.

#MeToo ;)

Keeping things 'silent' is common practice in private corporations
moneymakers, not in communities of people.

And.  This *list* is not for people's opinions.  We have offtopic for
that.  *most* of the developers and packagers already shy away from
list due to off-topic traffic and flames.  perhaps we should merge
list with offtopic and start a new list, opensuse-help.

Isn't that kind of the nature of conversation between people though? It
feels like it's extremely rare that I'm involved in conversations of
any length that start and end on the same topic without any deviation,
especially as multiple people are involved at the same time.

Unfortunately with email, it's harder than just moving a thread on a
forum; the conversations get all mixed up, people come into the
conversation in the middle, and some folks just miss the "transition to
off-topic" entirely. Especially since many people join the conversation
at different points along the way, or reply to older versions of the
thread than the current "most recent post."

So to me, saying "move this to offtopic" isn't really effective on a
busy mailing list with a lot of traffic and active posters.


I am sure that you would have heard this one before and I would suggest
that this applies in this list: "To a man with a hammer everything is a
nail" :-).


"You should never argue about politics or religion. Or anything else
if you're going to come out with crap like that."
                                              Anonymous circa 2013

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