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Re: [opensuse] Yast segmentation fault on several installs of 42.3
Finally I've got same problem on the last 42.3 PC after update.

QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000,
1000 instead of 0
/sbin/yast2: line 447:  4944 Segmentation fault      (core dumped)
$y2ccbin $Y2UI_ARGS "$@"

yast2 --gtk works just fine.

On 11/02/2017 01:21 PM, Peter Suetterlin wrote:
Anton Aylward wrote:
Oh, wait:
# yast --qt
/sbin/yast: line 440: 5789 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $y2ccbin

This is 42.2
# rpm -qf /sbin/yast
Hmm, my server has the same version of leap and yast2, and there it doesn't
crash (although I can only test it vi 'ssh -X' as the server has no GUI).

$y2ccbin should be /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2controlcenter - is any of the
libs it uses from a different repository?

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