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Re: [opensuse] "OpenSUSE" spelling in libreooffice [Was: openSUSE merits a better home page]
On 06/11/17 14:48, Carlos E. R. wrote:

Yes, but that first deletes the new line or the space you typed. As soon
as you add the space, because you need to separate words, you know, it
uppercases the word again.

I thought that had been fixed. If it hasn't, it's a bug imho. Any
wordprocessor should treat the user's input and the autocorrect as two
*separate* edits to be undone. I hate to say it, but Word gets this right.

Dunno about WordPerfect, but iirc that had the rule "only one
autocorrect is allowed to fire. Check the user dictionary first", so
anything with a weird spelling, capitalisation, whatever, you just put
in the user dictionary to correct it to itself - eg "MSc == MSc". The
exception to this was that if the *dictionary* entry was all lower case,
it referred only to the spelling and not the capitalisation/grammar etc.


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