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Re: [opensuse] another WD Green AV-GP HD failure [solved]
Dave Plater composed on 2017-11-06 14:36 (UTC+0200):

Felix Miata wrote:

Dave Plater composed on 2017-11-06 10:17 (UTC+0200):

Just a thought, your device doesn't use smart on the disk but smart
settings stay across resets and power cycles. Maybe if you enable smart
via smartctl the disk might take better care of itself.

Is that not how WD ships? This is from before I actually installed it:

You've never done a smartctl -t long ? That's an offline surface scan.

Not on that brand new disk.

hdparm say's smart is enabled, does it give reports in journalctl/log?

It might have while preparing it for installation. The STB DVDR has no journal
or logging. The only screen it has is "self check":
DVD connect status: OK
HDD connect status: OK
HDD Power On Hours: 44
HDD format start: enter
Power Off: power

Interesting difference between WD and seagate, my wd doesn't have this
neither does yours but my seagate has "Hardware_ECC_Recovered" just
below temperature.

Note that the DVDR keeps the disk actively recording most of the time it's
powered up. Would that affect Smart being able to take care of itself?

AFAIR it used to be a bios option for smart to be enabled, my daughter's
Vista system's 150G seagate developed problems and after putting it in
my linux system I found smart disabled, I enabled it, also in bios and
did a long internal test, which it passed and it worked again in her
A brand new 1gig WD Elements usb 3 hard drive I bought didn't have smart
enabled in fact it wasn't recognized by smartctl before I used a command
(I found in the man page and have since forgotten) to enable smart, now
it works like a normal disk with smartctl.

Those are PCs. This is a proprietary device installation. It has no apparent
"BIOS", at least, not one that is accessible for selecting various options we
are used to seeing in PC BIOS setup utilities.

Looking through the output of smartctl -x I do see smart is "enabled".
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