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Re: [opensuse] another WD Green AV-GP HD failure [solved]
Wols Lists composed on 2017-11-05 09:24 (UTC):

Felix Miata wrote:

Follow-up: I got the new HD installed using the image file created by
The DVDR's title menu lists all recordings as it listed before, and makes new
recordings successfully, but apparently dd_rhelp was more accurate with its
99.99% report than with 100.00%. The recording that the DVDR locked up
has an 11 second loss/bad spot at the same place.

Yup. So you've saved everything else - good. And that'll now last
another 7 years :-

I won't know everything else is good without watching all 100+ hours in real
time. :-(

20906 hours powered up equates to only about 2.4 years of constant on.

Was that recording an old one made when the disk was nearly new? If the
DVDR couldn't read it, I'm not surprised ddrescue couldn't either. If
SMART doesn't report any problems on the drive, it should be safe to
format and re-use it - I guess the magnetism on that one block just
faded too much over time ...

Had you read the link in the post you replied to you should have noticed the
disk would have been far from new when that recording was made, possibly at
around 14426 hours or 20 months disk on time. The SD DVDR that the disk is in
offers no evidence that it employs Smart technology.

Earlier in this thread I showed Smartctl reported 131 pending sectors and
reallocated sector count of 0. It's the second of the very same model in
identical service here, the two being manufactured less than 90 days apart. I
consider the old HD junk at this point, and likely most if not all of that model
from that period.
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