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Re: [opensuse] another WD Green AV-GP HD failure
On 02/11/17 22:25, Carlos E. R. wrote:

On Thursday, 2017-11-02 at 22:17 -0000, Wols Lists wrote:
On 01/11/17 21:30, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Thus, in order to find out the LBA address of the bad sectors and
rewrite them I run "badblocks". And then, contrary to the common
knowledge, when I do that the bad sectors disappear and SMART reports no
pending sectors (!). I do not have an explanation, only that it has
happened to me every time I tried since I remember (say three years
back) and others.

That sounds like "badblocks -n". The possibility, also, is that
badblocks triggers the drive to do a rewrite internally.

But I did not use any option.

When the bad sectors disappear, does the data stored in those sectors
disappear at the same time?

Good question. I think data should disapear, but as I could not find out
which sectors were bad, I could not find out if they were in use and by

No problems thrown up by fsck? Weird.

But given that something as simple as a hard drive now seems to run a
full-blown operating system (usually linux!?!?), then oddities are to be

Troubleshooting the real cause of a raid failure on the raid list can be
very frustrating. We've had a couple recently where the "why" is
obvious. We'd just like to track down the "how" so we can fix it...

(And at least one recently, where transient power issues were destroying
in-flight writes inside the disk, which is really worrying...)


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