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Re: [opensuse] another WD Green AV-GP HD failure
On 01/11/17 13:07, Carlos E. R. wrote:
You have at least 131 bad sectors, known to the disk firmware. If you
find out their LBA you can zero them, which causes remapping with good
spare records, and the disk would work again for some time.

You could try "badblocks" on it (a very slow operation) to find out the
LBA. It may trigger the remapping on its own. Then you could copy that
disk to a new disk of same size and insert the new one on the machine...

Hmm... As is well known on the raid list, the remap occurs when an
attempt is made to rewrite the faulty bloc.

So if you want to carry on using the faulty drive, I'd just delete the
track that froze, and forget about it. When the DVDR attempts to re-use
the freed space, it should re-allocate it then.

The worry is that the other blocks may be scattered all over the file
system and cause a bunch of other recordings to fail. And that it might
be a sign of an impending disk failure. It sounds brutal, but if the
disk itself seems okay, I'd do a format, blank it completely, and hope
it carries on for another seven years or so ... :-)

Recordings do have a half life unfortunately. The magnetism wears out,
and if you write to sectors next door that accelerates the process. Then
when one day you try to read a sector that hasn't been written/refreshed
for years, the read fails. Nothing wrong with the drive - the
recording's just faded away. The only way to fix it is to retrieve the
old data from SOMEWHERE ELSE, and overwrite the duff sector, as raid does.


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