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Re: [opensuse] Libreofficewriter problems printing embedded inage.

On Oct 18, 2017, at 08:14:05, jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Le 18/10/2017 à 14:07, Anton Aylward a écrit :

Anyone can replicate this with any screenshot of anything they desire.

and I did often with success, simply printing from gwenview

I'm getting convinced it has to do with the drivers.

it's not what the subject say...

well... I use a brother laser printer, but probably not yours

Blowing me off by telling me to write my own PPD doesn't help. what do I
about PPDs?

you seems to know all... it's only text file

A problem might be that the file is not autodetected as PS, and might be sent to
your printer as PCL.

I need to see the file you are trying to send to the printer. Typically. image
files (PNG, JPEG, TIFF) are written out to PostScript and/or PDF with special
commands, and LibreOffice's back end for PS/PDF generation might be doing the
wrong thing. Can you use the backend of LibreOffice to generate the PS and/or
PDF and send it to me off-list? This will bypass CUPS. If it displays on my
end (say, via Okular), then the issue might be with CUPS, or as has been said
before, with the PPD.

PPD file are indeed text files. You can look at PPD files provided with CUPS,
and there are many google hits for the format. Unfortunately, the official
docs on PPD, on this page:

do not load.

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