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[opensuse] Synchronization of notes
I'm looking for a way how to synchronize notes. So far I have been using KDE
Basket. It is very nice application, but it has no support for syncing. My
requirements are:
1) Running in sys tray of openSUSE with KDE (not necessarily KDE application).
2) Synchronization over custom server (I have SFTP, ownCloud, ...). So no
solution provided by private company.
3) App available for Sailfish OS and Android (well, Sailfish can run Android
apps, but native Sailfish app is better).
4) Web interface is not required, but nice.
5) Fully FOSS solution.
6) Having multiple notes, group them, and so. Rich text is not required.
ownCloud offers in its app store several note apps. Does anyone have
recommendations which to use? I'm bit confused by high number of them...
QOwnNotes also looks promising, but I'd like to hear
some experience before trying to deploy it (or something similar).

Vojtěch Zeisek

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