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Re: [opensuse] xrandr info HDMI-1 disconnected
On 26/09/17 10:02, Felix Miata wrote:
C. Brouerius van Nidek composed on 2017-09-26 15:15 (UTC+0700):

With xrandr I read HDMI-1 and -2 disconnected. Also DP1 and 2 are not
How can I force a connection with the HDMI cable and would that change

I suggest that even if you were to figure out an xrandr command that would cause
the TV to be recognized you would not be pleased with the lowfi result.
Component video[2] is analog video with limited mode support. Instead, abandon
attempts to use that cable and get a 2X1 HDMI switch[1] so that only normal HDMI
connections can be used on every end and xrandr and xorg will recognize the TV

[1] e.g.

I've got a 3XT HDMI switch, which I use for just that purpose plus a couple of other connected HDMI devices. I run the HDMI output from my pc to the tv through that so the tv is recognised as a second monitor. It works very well. I'm running 42.3 with onboard Intel graphics but it also works on Linux Mint and earlier versions of openSUSE.. I can't give you a link to the model as I bought it a long time ago and looking at it it doesn't have the make or model number. It does have individual buttons for each of the connections which I believe is a desirable feature rather than the switch doing it automatically, not being an expert in these things I seem to recall that this is the best way of doing it. I seem to remember that I tried one with auto switching and it didn't work that well.

You might want to researchsearch further into all this before buying a device.


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