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Re: [opensuse] C++ Question

On 23/09/17 15:10, Per Jessen wrote:
Paul Groves wrote:

Hi All,

Probably not the right place to ask but one of you may know the

I am learning C++ and my program uses system('program --arg1 --arg2');
to run a proprietary program. My question is how can I make this
program a dependency so that it has to be installed before my program?
Hi Paul

that's a packaging issue, not a programming issue.
OK, well this is my first time packaging a program. Any advice on how I would go about this? I would like to make a .rpm for opensuse and a .deb for ubuntu

For belt and braces, is there a way to check for installed packages in C++ too so I can output an error message if a required package is not installed?

I have noticed that ldd shows that some dependencies have already been
added as dependencies to the binary once it is compiled.
libraries and such, but not an external <anything> that you call via
This is why I got confused. :-s

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