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Re: [opensuse] Black screen when plugging in VGA connector
On sab, 2017-09-23 at 16:20 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
Using which OS?

openSUSE Tumbleweed, sorry, I ought have mentioned.

You are currently using the modesetting Xorg driver. Try the intel Xorg
Use zypper or yast to install xf86-video-intel and restart server or reboot.

This appeared to do something! When I plug in the VGA, the monitor now
works for a few seconds. The image is a little blurry, and after those
few seconds, the monitor goes black again. And after a few seconds it
reconnects. Ad infinitum.

Output of journalctl this time. It's not much different, it seems to

I'm half-suspecting that the monitor is at fault. It's an LG Flatron
W2442PA, otherwise a very decent thing. Coming Monday I'll be able to
check another monitor.

First check /etc/X11/xorg.conf, xorg.conf.d/ and xorg_pci_ids/modesetting.ids
see if your gfxchip is specifically configured to use the modesetting driver,
and if so, comment it out or otherwise unset it.

Nothing of the sort.

Thank you for your help!

Yours sincerely,

Carmen Bianca Bakker
en eo fy nl
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