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Re: [opensuse] some mp4 cannot be played "decoder profile above limits"

On Sat, 23 Sep 2017, Daniel Bauer wrote:
Am 23.09.2017 um 16:42 schrieb David Haller:
On Sat, 23 Sep 2017, Daniel Bauer wrote:
I tried to start from commandline, and maybe the messages say something to
somebody of you...:

vlc 20161005_085414.mp4
VLC media player 2.2.6 Umbrella (revision 2.2.6-0-g1aae78981c)
[00007f236c0b6378] vdpau_avcodec generic error: decoder profile above
level 51 3840x2160

Easy and _very_ specific. You selected vdpau output (i.e. have your
GPU decode the videostream via vdpau), but your GPU does not support
the encoding-profile ((only constant) bitrate, framerate, various
codec details) that is used in your video. Your GPU/driver just
implements some basic profiles of the codec.

Hm. Then I wonder why it worked before? It always worked, and I used it many
times. I haven't changed anything on the hardware. But maybe a nvidia-update
has forgotten about things it could manage before?

I doubt that. I guess on a new default to use vdpau if available in
either vlc or ffmpeg. Or both.

I've checked your vid by now and it's H.264. And that codec has _a
lot_ of parameters, and GPUs implement just a few specific sets of
combinations. It's a bit like picking a few specific colours (say, the
classic 8 or 256 console-colors) out of what can be done with RGB
w/8bits per channel. Your GPU (decoding) is a bit like an old terminal
that can display those 256 colours, but fails at displaying other
colours ("out of limits" ;). And for "encoding" with the GPU, it's
usually even more limited to some 2 or 3 profiles ("Low", "High" and
with strictly specified parameters) , as if it'd support just 8

See also:

So use a different decoder, i.e. one without "vdpau". Not sure where
that setting is found in vlc, probably either in
simple view:
Video -> Output
"all" view:
Video -> Output modules
in the preferences.


So I changed the Video -> Output setting in vlc from "automatic" to "OpenGL
GLX Videoausgabe (XCB)" I've chosen this arbitrary because it sounded the
nicest to me, but in fact I have no idea... :-) .

Good choice. AFAIR it is the fastest and most versatile output module.

For mplayer, use 'vo=gl2,gl,xv,x11' in your ~/mplayer/config.

For xine, it's 'opengl2'.

With this setting it works.

*hehe* :)


"I've always been taught that if you code an arbitrary limit, try to make it
a power of two, or at least avoid powers of ten, so people think there's a
good technical reason for it." -- Good advice from Peter Corlett

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