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Re: [opensuse] Leap 42.3
Am 13.09.2017 um 21:29 schrieb Anton Aylward:
On 13/09/17 02:46 PM, Aaron Digulla wrote:
Another possible reason is that you don't have enough processes. Chrome
renders each tab in a different process. That means chrome needs a ton
of entries in the process table.
Just out of interest, what is the algorithm for dealing with the proc table?
I gather from what you write that it is a (somewhat) static array as opposed
a dynamically created tree?

What is the search and/or insert or compression algorithm? Is there some hash
which might also be expanded for faster lookup in the nearly full situation?

The process list is already dynamic.  It's a security feature:

In a nutshell: This is to prevent your computer from locking up because
someone made a mistake (program endlessly creates processes in a loop)
or a denial of service attack (creating processes to bring the
performance to a crawl).

Now, this is 2017 and people are starting to use all those nice CPU
cores so the "1000 processes per user should be enough for anyone" is no
longer true.

On my computer, Chrome needs 400 entries (each thread counts as one
process), Thunderbird 50, Firefox 45. With the Version 55 of Firefox,
the situation will get worse.

Maybe openSUSE should set the default to 2000?


Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
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