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Re: [opensuse] Install Leap 42.3 on a USB booted disk?
On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 6:09 PM, Markus Egg <Markus.Egg@xxxxxx> wrote:

my old trusted laptop from 2007 is capable of booting from a USB disk.
I first build in the disk and made the first installation of Leap 42.3 (dual
boot with Windows).
Then I moved the HDD to a USB case and let the laptop boot to that USB
Everything looks fine.

Question: if I go on with installation on the USB booted disk are there any
caveats/bugs/peculiarities I have to pay attention to?
Any no go's?
After completion I want to move the USB booted HDD back to the laptop as
main HDD .

I don't know of any problems with the above.

Is it possible to do that with a SSD (which is running as main disk in the
laptop now) also?

Some new generation SSDs don't speak SATA. (Google NVMe SSD)

If your SSD speaks SATA, just put it in a SATA/USB case.

If your SSD does speak SATA, I'm pretty sure there aren't any
SATA/NVMe adaptor cases, so you're out of luck.


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