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Re: [opensuse] 42.3 - Konqueror doesn't open to home directory
* James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx> [09-01-17 11:12]:
On 09/01/2017 11:01 AM, Knurpht - Gertjan Lettink wrote:
fwiw: I have not "lost" my bookmarks in konqueror but am on Tw.
Hear, hear. Nor have I, neither on Leap 42.3 nor on TW. I hardly ever use
Konqueror, but the bookmarks from years ago are all still there. Not all of
them work, but that's caused by URL's not being available anymore.
I had system bookmarks for things such as CUPS. That was the one I
wanted to use today, but couldn't find.
And, please also change your attitude of "devs/packagers vs. users". It
doesn't work that way. "Blatant disregard"? If I was a dev/packager I would
remember such a remark on your next bugreport/feature request and ignore
Communities relying on volunteers are built on a mix of components, one of
them being respect for the efforts others make.
Well, take a look at the changes to Konqueror in general. Until 42.2,
it had that side panel with a lot of useful things in it. It's gone
now. Since moving to Leap, I've had to deal with a desktop that locks
up solid or the task bar disappearing. Another thing that happens on my
notebook is when I log in, some things are missing, such as the pager on
the task bar, along with the menu bar on apps & folders. Logging out
and back in restores them.

then your system has serious problems.

re: "Since moving to Leap", you don't explain method or prior system.
might be related to your present problems. and if you continued to
upgrade, your problems continued to follow you.

maybe you should back up your data and home and make a new pristine
install and gradually incorporate that which you desire from your previous
systems in such a manner that you notice what gives you "problems".

or just continue and have problems.
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