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Re: [opensuse] 42.3 - Konqueror doesn't open to home directory
On 09/01/2017 11:01 AM, Knurpht - Gertjan Lettink wrote:
fwiw: I have not "lost" my bookmarks in konqueror but am on Tw.
Hear, hear. Nor have I, neither on Leap 42.3 nor on TW. I hardly ever use
Konqueror, but the bookmarks from years ago are all still there. Not all of
them work, but that's caused by URL's not being available anymore.
I had system bookmarks for things such as CUPS. That was the one I
wanted to use today, but couldn't find.
And, please also change your attitude of "devs/packagers vs. users". It
doesn't work that way. "Blatant disregard"? If I was a dev/packager I would
remember such a remark on your next bugreport/feature request and ignore such
Communities relying on volunteers are built on a mix of components, one of
them being respect for the efforts others make.
Well, take a look at the changes to Konqueror in general. Until 42.2,
it had that side panel with a lot of useful things in it. It's gone
now. Since moving to Leap, I've had to deal with a desktop that locks
up solid or the task bar disappearing. Another thing that happens on my
notebook is when I log in, some things are missing, such as the pager on
the task bar, along with the menu bar on apps & folders. Logging out
and back in restores them.

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