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Re: [opensuse] Are many 42.2 related (not 'official') repositories often out of sync with each other?
On Fri, 30 Jun 2017 14:07:12 +0200
Knurpht - Gertjan Lettink wrote:

26 Repos? Why? This way your breaking everything that was tested
thoroughly to give a stable experience. FWIW home: and devel: repos
are meant to break stuff ( and fix it ), not for production use.

If you want the latest and greatest, Tumbleweed should be your

For managing mutliple machines, f.e. add a repo on all machines in
one command, have a look at salt(stack). This one f.e. updates a
Centos and 4 openSUSE (2 Leap, 2 TW ) machines in one go:
salt '*' pkg.upgrade

I had the same initial reaction once I'd finished enumerating them :)

But, of course, that number includes an alternate (refresh only) and
several added automatically but not enabled:

1 Node.js

2 & 3 Packman (primary enabled, alternate 'refresh' only)

4 Official MATE Desktop

5 Visual Studio Code


7 X11:Cinnamon:Current

8 Cinelerra

9 Leap 42.2 Non-OSS

10 Leap 42.2 Non-OSS Updates

11 Leap 42.2 OSS

12 Leap 42.2 OSS Updates


14 OBS Mozilla

15 openSUSE Education

16 nVidia Graphics Drivers

17 Skype (needed for work)

The remaining 9 are not enabled:

- Installation source (USB stick)
- Community Leap 42.2 A/V 'codecs' related (enabled when/if needed)
- 2 x debug: OSS & Non-OSS
- 2 x debug update: OSS & Non-OSS
- 1 x OSS sources
- 1 x Non-OSS sources

To reiterate: I am not seeking help for a 'broken' system. I'm seeking
a way to automate or semi-automate the synchronization of the two
installed systems.

Thanks for your interest & regards,


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