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Re: [opensuse] Epson Scanner V500 Isn't Detected
On Thu, 29 Jun 2017 08:19:07 -0400, Mark Misulich wrote:
On Wed, 2017-06-28 at 13:06 +0200, Istvan Gabor wrote:
On Sun, 18 Jun 2017 17:39:22 -0400, Mark Misulich wrote:

[long snip]


I also use various Epson Perfection Vxxx scanners in openSUSE.
I never used yast to configure the scanners.
You reported that sane-find-scanner found the scanner and
scanimage -L listed it as a working device. In my systems
(from 11.x-13.2) this was enough for the scanners to work.
Does your scanning application (kooka, xsane, sane) see
the scanner?

Could you please send the exact link of the driver you
downloaded? I would like to try it in Leap 42.2 too.



Hi Istvan,
thanks for your interest in this problem.

Here is the link that you requested:

Some information to help you understand the issue: I don't kneed 
to use yast to install the scanner, I was using yast to try and figure
out why the scanner wasn't working after installing the iscan bundle
that includes the driver epkowa.

My new computer is a dual boot OS 42.2 and Win7.  The scanner works
with win7, but not with 42.2.  My old computer is set up the same way
as a multiboot 42.2 and win7, and the scanner works on both win7 and
42.2.  The linux software is the same iscan bundle 1.0.4.x64 driver

OK, it seems I misundertsood the problem. If you have a successful
installation in Leap 42.2 on another hardware it means that the
problem is not a missing component of the scanner program/driver.

The issue seems to be USB software in the new motherboard.Please look
at this bug for pertinent information:

The scanner isn't recognized by these programs: iscan, Simple Scan,
scanlight, xsane, and Vuescan (I believe Vuescan uses a different
driver than epkowa). It does this using both the usb2 or usb3 ports on
the motherboard of the new computer.

I had similar experience before in openSUSE 13.2, see:

USB scanner problem in openSUSE 13.2

In that case the problem was USB3 and USB3 xhci driver if
I recall correctly. The only solution I found was
disabling USB3 in BIOS. I am not sure using different
USB slot (USB2 instead USB3) has the same effect as
disabling USB3 completely in BIOS.

Do you see this error message in dmesg after plugging
in the scanner:

[opensuse] rounding interval to 128 microframes, ep desc says 255 microframes - any fix?

I had no time yet to try my scanner in Leap 42.2 in a USB3
capable computer, but I am planning to do it.


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