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Re: [opensuse] Mapping and re-mapping Keyboard Keys
On 27/06/17 17:04, Rodney Baker wrote:
On Wednesday, 28 June 2017 0:53:52 ACST Paul Groves wrote:
Bear in mind that debian/Ubuntu has now moved to systemd, and sysvinit is
now deprecated (although lots of packages still use init scripts).
Instead of writing an init script, you could write a systemd unit file
and have systemd execute the script. The final result should be the same,
but you’re “future proofing” it by not relying on a deprecated subsystem.

Perfect! I found this using your advice

I made the file /etc/systemd/system/ tinykb9805.service (below) which
runs my script (has to be executable)

then I ran systemctl enable tinykb9805.service
then I ran systemctl start tinykb9805.service

and it works! Even after reboot :)


Description=Re-map the Tiny KB-9805 PS/2 Keyboard Hotkeys



Now all of my hotkeys are working fine!

Thanks for all the help everyone.

One annoyance though is the scroll lock LED does not work. I will start
a new thread for this.
Good job! Glad you got it working. The nice thing is that the systemd approach
will be portable across systemd-based distros (which should be pretty much all
of them soon), so the same solution should work on openSuSE as it does on
Yes it does. I just copies it to my opensuse 42.2 install and in works perfectly fine there too

And, yes, this list is better. :)

Totally :P

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