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Re: [opensuse] Mapping and re-mapping Keyboard Keys
* Paul Groves <paul.groves.787@xxxxxxxxx> [06-27-17 10:51]:

On 27/06/17 15:10, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Paul Groves <paul.groves.787@xxxxxxxxx> [06-27-17 09:45]:
On 27/06/17 14:39, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Paul Groves <paul.groves.787@xxxxxxxxx> [06-27-17 09:22]:
So now I need to know how can I add this to the xmodmap configuration.

I found a very old article from 2004 that said to save the lines in
~/.Xmodmap but the file did not exist and it does not work when I log out
man xmodmap:
xmodmap [-options ...] [filename]
The filename specifies a file containing xmodmap expressions to be
executed. This file is usually kept in the user's home directory with
a name like .xmodmaprc.

so it probably will not find ".Xmodmap" as it specifies it looks for

Scratch that for now. Ubuntu does not use this anymore apparently it uses

However, I found I found:

keycode 156 = XF86Launch1 NoSymbol XF86Launch1
keycode 157 = XF86Launch2 NoSymbol XF86Launch2
keycode 210 = XF86Launch3 NoSymbol XF86Launch3
keycode 211 = XF86Launch4 NoSymbol XF86Launch4

so I have used these keycodes for HK1 to 4 and I can assign them in the gui

now just to run the script at boot?
put them in ~/.xmodmap and they will be read when <user> logs in, iiuc.

I just booted to opensuse and that works but in ubuntu it doesn't. Ubuntu
apparently uses xkb and ignores the ~./xmodmap file

Anyway as I said If found the Launch keycodes which work fine so it solves
that problem but I need to run the script with all the setkeycode commands
at boot

I tried the usual /etc/init.d

A few places online say ubuntu no longer uses rc.local ans uses /etc/rc#.d
where # is the runlevel, So i ran the command runlevel which told me normal
boot is runlevel 5

So I put my script in /etc/rc5.d and gave it execute permissions, reboot and
it didn't run :(

Where on earth am I supposed to put this script to run at boot? If I drop to
tty2 and run it manually it works but if I run it under X or from cron it
cannot change key maps.

consider ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile

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