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[opensuse] Re: Use of "Reply-To" by author is author's choice; is problem if done by list-software
Carlos E. R. wrote:
And some, like Greg or Linda, want that duplicate :-)
I can not remember who wants what, so I ignore that and send only to the
list for everybody, sorry.
It's simple. If you want the person to see it, reply-ALL
if you are only replying to the list and not the person, then

I can't speak for Greg, but **honestly**,
do you really think that that the list is me or
that I am the list? I rarely have people confuse
me with the list, but if you do, my sympathies.

I.e. you don't need to remember who wants what -- just remember
who you are replying to and whether or not you want your
response to also goto the list. If so, reply, all. If
you don't want it to goto the list, just hist "Reply".

If you aren't replying to the person, but just want to say something
to the list, then "Reply-List".
You've said before you have those 3 options, so what could be
more difficult than knowing who are replying to (if it is
a reply), if you are just adding to the discussion and replying
to noone in particular, then "Reply-List", but if you are replying
to what someone said, AND wanting your reply to goto the list,
then "Reply-All".
Sometime, in a group meeting, try responding only to the group
when someone says something to you -- do it on a consistent
basis and see if you don't get odd reactions or some wondering
why you are being rude.

The only time you might not respond to someone, personally, is if
you are a scheduled speaker at the front of a room of people where
you aren't talking to people individually, but only there to
give a speech to the group -- and even there, when people take
questions from the audience, speakers will still often start
by addressing the person who asked the question.

Anyway, sending a duplicate breaks gmail handling, because they have an
automatic and non optional rule that deletes the duplicate post, which
willl always be be list post, being slower than the direct post.
You can't turn that off? That seems like an option that would break
threading as well as corrupting your incoming mail stream. Ug.
I can't believe google wouldn't make that a choice.


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