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Re: [opensuse] Compartmentalization for list message management
On 23/06/17 03:25 PM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
It is very simple to notice when you have been replied to in the mail list.
Is it?

I have to remember I asked a question then search for the subject of
the email to see if there were any replies.

I find it annoying not to be on the To/Cc line so I could filter those
emails a being for threads I'm participating in.

I perceive, Watson, that you amalgamate all your main into one 'folder'.

you will not from the above that I have my own personal domain, and a specific
email address in that domain for this list.

I make use of a service from Dreamhost. It costs me less than $100/year, a LOT
less than I pay my local cable provider (which is the cheapest I could find that
gave me good bandwidth, an unlimited cap and reliable service; the one I had
before kept jacking the price up, had an unreasonable cap and a punitive
overcharge, and kept dunning me for additional service that I was not interested
in; they had no 'unsubscribe').

Dreamhost gives me a free domain registration, effectively unlimited storage for
database, application code for web applications; unlimited sub-domains into
which I can run an unlimited number of web applications such as blogs, galleries
and more; effectively unlimited email addresses (and in the sub-domains if I
want); and pretty good support.

As a result I can devote one email address to each list I'm on, create an
account for same with Thunderbird. I can set up per-list filtering & policy.

I choose to use IMAP so that I don't have to download, I can simply review the

Thunderbird support lets me do threading, again on the per-list basis; its
filters lets me tag by various criteria.

If you don't care for the great deal that Dreamhost offers, there are domain
registries that will let you have a personal domain for under $5/year. Here in
Canada, "" has been offering them for C$3/year. Setting up your machine
to listen for your domain's email via Postfix is straight forward and well
documented. I used to do it but it took up too much of my bandwidth and
Dreamhost turned out to be a great deal. They do a good job - my only complaint
is an abstract one, they run Ubuntu.

Yes, setting this up requires effort - but not much, and it simplifies a LOT of
thing. having Dreamhost do all the heavy lifting has made me convinced that
having a 7/24 team of good 3rd party sysadmins is the right way to go, better
than trying to run my own home or SMB system, pay for all that bandwidth, etc
etc. I can turn my machines off knowing that my mail will still be accepted, my
blogs (etc) still function. Its not my electricity bill.

If your inclination runs to virtual machines, yes they have them, but a shared
service can go a long, long way.

My point here is that having your own domain and a per list email, or at least
some dedicate, compartmentalized accounts, is (a) not difficult to set up, (b)
gives an amazing amount to leverage, and (c) isn't expensive.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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