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[opensuse] Re: Where is default browser set?
Carlos E. R. wrote:
Well, you did not say you were not using Linux. One, when posting here,
assumes you are unless you say otherwise.
I am using linux where I want the redirection to occur.

Trying to change where it is "coming from" (linux) by
changing where it is going to (linux|windows) is a bit late, IMO.

From what I recall, you do customizations to not use initrd ram disk.
That's a big modification. I have not said you use a "huge monolithic
Didn't say the kernel was about you, but where you boot from is big?
Are you saying nature is more important than nurture, or is what about
distro you've been raised with more important than a ram-based SSD
vs. platters? If that question wasn't clear, you probably don't need
to worry so much about where or how you were booted. If it is clear,
you probably wouldn't be saying something like that. ;-) Are we
clear yet?

Which is bigger booting from memory (ram or SSD) or booting from
ram vs. platters
It is not the case this time, it doesn't work for you because you are
not using Linux on your client. Perhaps if you use Mobaxterm instead of
Putty it would. Unsure.
Not using either. Cygwin uses 'ssh' over an xterm, which would work
the same for me. Issue is how your browser displays, natively talking
to a local hardware (on linux that'd be a direct-connect DRM which
many desktops use to get cool effects, possibly, though rarely, routed
through openGL).
One of the main reasons I couple a windows desktop w/a linux backend is to
get the best of both worlds. Windows, generally has faster and more flexible
desktop SW, while Linux has better 'content/substance' hosting (files, network
management, etc).


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