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[opensuse] Re: Use of "Reply-To" by author is author's choice; is problem if done by list-software
Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2017-06-18 21:32, Anton Aylward wrote:
Yes, but there are a lot more people who (a) make a mistake and hit 'reply-to' rather than 'reply-to-list', and (b) it seems there's software that doesn't have a working 'reply-to-list' function.

But with your/Linda change, a private reply goes to the list, which is
Not really -- if you are sending doo doo to a person, why not do it
in public? I'm a firm believer that such is a form of instant karma. ;-)

The problem comes when the *list* software "munges" the "Reply-To"
field for everyone. That's where a danger can come in, since the
"Reply-To" field gets messed-with for *everyone* -- even if the sender
preferred your response to goto the list.

What Anton is saying, 'generally(**)', is "please send responses to
my list-email, TO the list, I don't want them sent, "personally", to me.
That is his right.

** - where I think there could be a problem, is if Anton has the "Reply-To"
field set to "opensuse(at)" for every email coming from
his "opensuse" account (at) HIS.domain, and then uses that email setting
to send an email "off list". In that case, replying to him, personally,
in response to a personal email from from 'him' (that wasn't sent to
the list), would, *surprisingly*, be directed to the
opensuse(at) list.

FWIW, I think on 1 or 2 occasions I've noted an email sent from his
"opensuse" account to the opensuse-factory account, where I responded
and had my response end up (somewhat confusingly) on the wrong list. I accept that such was my fault for my not looking at the "To" field
of my outgoing email (I too fall into habits), while at the same time
remind those who use "power" features of email, that "with great power
comes great responsibility" (quote in a spiderman movie; accusations
of painful "corn", accepted). ;^)


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