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Re: [opensuse] multiple kernels? -- no, really about better (and more visible, and more comprehensive ) documentation
On 20/06/17 17:02, Anton Aylward wrote:
Actually when I said "time for a change" I meant a change in how openSUSE
addresses documentation, and I was comparing it more specifically to the
thoroughness that Arch and Ubuntu and even RedHat document their 'product'.

Compared to the level of standards and documentation that I've seen for, for
example, even home auto maintenance, never mind the level that applies to
something like aviation, computer documentation for users and administration is
lacking, and while the Big Name firms do a better job (my shelves of AIX
documentation and sysadmin stretch a lot further than my accumulated of
UNIX/Linux) they still seem to think that volume counts.

No, the Arch and RedHat procedural manuals, their "How-To" pages, and especially
their stuff on dealing with difficult (aka error and disaster recovery) and
"interesting" situations is better presented, better indexed than OpenSuse.
All to often I find myself using those pages and 'translating' past the few
OpenSuse oddities (like the use of 'defaults').

The isn't about mixing and matching which version of Linux to run.
Its about comparing the attitudes towards documentation.
Every implementation has its foibles. This list, the factory list, keeps
pointing out that LEAP is based on the Novell/SUSE product, so things like the
kernel lag a long way behind the the 'latest' or what other distributions offer,
even if it is patched up. All of which makes things more confusing for the
admin, who has to check what patches are applied to old kernels vs using a later
a kernel. It makes it all hell for a newbie. No wonder so many newbies to
Linux end up with the "Golden Arches" of Ubuntu.

I'm not sure it's really fair to criticize (open)SUSE for its documentation. Just on the subject of the title of this post, for example, you could find this section on multiple kernels:

forming part of the 481-page Reference Guide, itself one of six books of documentation available for Leap 42.2. Just how many words can SUSE really print and update for every version of openSUSE that arrives at least once per year?

All that of course is 'official'. On the user side, it's a complete mess, at least when you're talking about the wiki and some other bits of, but that's really a fault of the users and the community.


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