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[opensuse] Fear of Upgrades?
On 19/06/17 03:31 PM, Wols Lists wrote:

I've had a few disasters like that - including in a work setting :-) That's
why I'm paranoid :-)

Hand in hand with all that, the beast way to deal with the risks is, as I'm
saying, as many people have pointed before now, by proper presentation.

But I think it's the KDE4/KDE5 upgrade that worries me most - not because I
think it will be a problem in itself, but because my wife will find it

I made that transition without even recognizing that I'd done it when I
installed 42.1 with a few extra repositories. Even though the lifetime of KDE4
some things go "rearranged", and the "5" was just more rearrangement. After a
while I noticed that when I ran 'ps' some of the applications listed had a "5"
appended. But I play around with themes often enough that some of visual
changes were subsumed by changing themes. So I tried running both


Yes there was a difference, but if anything it *looked* like a change in theme
and icon set. What each thing did was the same.

Now perhaps if you care to read
you might get the point that for us Linux types, a rearrangement of the
positions, the labels and so forth is no big deal.But should it be for a Windows

Well perhaps ...

She's still on XP, because I can't get 7 to behave similarly.

For my sins, over the years, various employers have thrust upon me corporate
laptops that run Windows, and required me to use, as might be appropriate,
custom applications, as well as Microsoft Office. I've not been allowed to
install 'stuff that actually works' such as Thunderbird in place of, in one
case, Lotus Notes, OpenOffice in place of Word and Powerpoint and Excel, Firefox
in place of Internet Explorer. I've lived though 'upgrades' that are indeed
like the examples in the above article. I recall the shift in Office from the
menu bar to the "ribbon", which baffled and impeded most of the people I worked
with until we were sent on a special training course (which I skipped after the
first morning).

A manager I mentioned this to at another engagement where we were all using AIX
said that Microsoft fostered "learned disability", that normal people, kids that
had not been nurtured at the Microsoft teat, could adapt back and forth between,
say, Android at different version, Apple on iAnyting, Linux and Windows, back
and forth, just exploring the options, experimenting with little fear of
'breaking things'.

I'm paranoid, but part of that is (a) I make backups and (b) if I don't know
what the limits are I might do something really really terrible, so lets learn
in a 'playpen/safety-belt' setting.

I recall once teaching some user and meeting a young woman who was clearly
nervous, She say back from the keyboard and reached out to peck at keys as if
the keyboard was going to bite her.

I told her not to be afraid of it, I took it and slammed it on the desk a few
times, threw it against the wall. Keys fell out and scattered. I picked them
up and stuck them back, plugged the keyboard back in, logged in, did some work,
typing at full speed. No problems.

"How could you do that?!?!"

Its like Humpty-Dumpty said about words, who is the master?

I think your problem is that because you can get Linux to "look" like "Richmond"
with the right theme and icons and font, you cam make W/7 look and feel like
like W/XP.

Maybe what she needs is an iPad.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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