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Re: [opensuse] konsole
* Wols Lists <antlists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-19-17 10:47]:
Nor do I. If I need root privileges, I take an existing tab, do a "su"
(which asks me for the password), and either exit when I'm finished, or
expect it to disappear on logout.

I've tried, Patrick has tried, to get over the idea of a root login being
different from a change in the effective UID with a simplistic "su".

no, there most definitely is a difference between "su" and "su -" and it
involves the session's working environment. please consult the man page.

I don't understand your point. I *ONLY* *EVER* use "su". *My* behaviour
is consistent. Linux' response is not. (I do understand the difference,
I just can't see why it has any bearing on why linux is being inconsistent.)

To repeat - if konsole is open when I log out, it is restored when I log
back in. That much is consistent, and hunky dory.

If one of the tabs was changed to root, by using su, after a
logout/login the system *sometimes but not always* asks me for the root
password, then if I give it the password it does nothing - at least as
far as I can see - with it.

I cannot remember ever loging out with an active root session in konsole
and it still being there when logging in again. the session is there but
it is not root and does not request a password. it is a <user> session.

If the system asked me for the root password last time I logged in, it
*sometimes but not always* asks me the next time, with the same results.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if KDE is messing up saving my
state, but the point is KDE/konsole is behaving in an inconsistent and
nonsensical manner. In other words, be it design error, programming
error, hardware error (always a possibility!) - *something* is not right.

it is consistant for me and I cannot remember it every being inconsistent.

and I cannot recall ever seeing it mentioned anywhere before this
thread(s) that it acted inconsistently.

from my aged memory of konsole actions, I would still say you have
inadvertently made a config change or your system is inconsistant/borked.
do you have only one box? does this inconsistancy appear on multiple
boxes where you have access?

I often encounter inconsistancy, my wife remarks and I stand up only to be
disloged from current position because she had said "shut up". I usually
bruse badly. but I can mark it up to oldtimers.....

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